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The Mediterranean diet is more than just food, it is also a way of life. It represents the culture and identity of the people who live along the Mediterranean Sea, and traditionally follow  the customs which are transmitted for generations. Because of its value Mediterranean diet is protected and included on the UNESCO’s  list of world intangible heritage.

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The Mediterranean diet is based on fresh seasonal ingredients from the region. It abounds in delicious and healthy foods like green vegetables, beans, asparagus, spinach, fresh fruits like grapes, melons or pomegranate and tomatoes. A lot of fish is is included in the diet and people moderately drink red wine. Dishes are seasoned only with tasty and healthy olive oil, basil and rosemary. This is why  the Mediterranean diet is considered to be of the highest quality and one of the healthiest diets in the world.  

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The people living by the Mediterranean Sea have a special relationship towards food and eating. It is important to enjoy the food, but also to have fun and socialize. Attitude towards food contributes to an active lifestyle and has a great positive effect on the overall health. People who live by the  Mediterranean generally live longer than other Europeans.

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Šibenik was the host of interesting  events related to the Mediterranean diet at the end of  May. The Festival Taste the Mediterranean! which promotes the traditional customs and excellent food was held. Mediterranean market, a cooking show on the fortress of St. Michael, French dinner in Solaris and many other attractive events demonstrated the tastes, scents and traditions of the Mediterranean in a very lively manner.