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Preserved nature and peaceful ambiance make the ideal vacation for many. Rivers in Dalmatia are therefore very interesting and somewhat undiscovered destinations. They have become attractive for  active tourism lovers that reveal their beauty on rafting trips. Explore the flora and fauna in the middle of lush vegetation surrounding the beautiful rivers in Dalmatia: Krka, Cetina, Zrmanja and Neretva.


River Cetina’s source is a 100m deep lake at 300m of altitude on the slopes of Dinara mountain, and its mouth is in the town of Omiš. Canyon begins near the town of Trilj; above the canyon you’ll  see  Nutjak fortress. In the summer  rafting is organized daily, from the lower course of Cetina up to Radman Mills where you can feel the power of the river and experience its beauty. It is easy to get to Cetina by car from Sibenik with a little more than an hour’s drive. You can also go to rafting on an excursion directly from Solaris.

Krka river is considered to be one of the most beautiful Croatian rivers, in fact  it’s one of 8 national parks in Croatia. Beauty of its 7 waterfalls, including the famous Roski slap and 46m high Skradinski buk is impressive. Old mills and ethnological collection will capture your attention. Island of Visovac in the middle of the river is  particulary interesting to see, a Franciscan monastery with a valuable collection of rare books is there. Waterfalls are not far by car or a van from Solaris. A boat trip excursion from Solaris is one of the best ways to fully experience the beauty of Krka.


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The Neretva River is the largest river that pours to the southern Adriatic. It is known as the site of the Battle of Neretva, one of the most famous battles of World War II which served as inspiration for a 1969 Hollywood film with Yul Brynner in the lead role. The famous Neretva Boat Marathon sails in August every year; it’s a great tradition of this region and a truly unique experience. Neretva is known for its fields where tangerines, watermelons, tomatoes and many other products are grown. We recommend you  to  try the local specialty Neretva stew whose main ingredients are frogs and eels from the river.
The Zrmanja River springs at the foot of the Poštak mountain in Lika and flows into the Adriatic near the town of Obrovac. Zrmanja’s 200m meter deep canyon is full of interesting, underwater caves, cave forms, rapids and waterfalls. Enjoy its beauty while rafting or walking along the river. Special recommendation is a visit in the spring when the river is the richest with water after winter precipitation, and the nature simply flourishes.


Discover the preserved natural treasures of rivers in Dalmatia. Cool off in the refreshing water or feel the  energy and power of the river actively, on a rafting. The crystal clear water and deep shade along the banks of the river will surely become  your new favorite vacation getaway.