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Coral secrets of Zlarin Island

September 19th, 2018


Transparent blue-turquoise sea of Šibenik archipelag is one of the most distincted Mediterranean attractions . Become a part of an amazing pirate  adventure and discover secrets  of croatian island Zlarin and  the misteries  of it´s beautiful bays  with our  Solaris Pirate Ship Galija.

Zlarin is small island on Dalmatian coast in nearby of town Šibenik. Zlarin is proud of its lush mediterranean vegetation (Aleppo pine, fig trees, cherry trees, wild berry trees) and longest island seafront in Croatia 131 m. Coral hunting and activity is present from 15th century, and demonstration of making jewelry of white and red coral can be seen in Zlarinka museum.

Departure with Galija from pier in front of hotel Ivan, boat ride to island Zlarin 45 min, island and museum sightseeing, free time for swimming, walking or having coffee 2 h; return to Solaris 45 min. Duration of excursion 3,5 h.


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